Century Lead Time Extended


Due to the continued influx of business, we have reached another tipping point in the race between “The return of demand” VS. “A recovery of the supply chain” and demand is ahead. This is great news for the economy. Unfortunately, the true loser of the race throughout all industries is lead-times. Fortunately, this will only be temporary. Taking into account all of the variables of our current state, in an effort to continue to provide the same high quality that we are known for, we will be immediately updating lead times to 16-18 weeks for refrigeration equipment orders.

Again, there may be some opportunity to get an order for a quantity of 1 or 2 standard units in a little earlier, but that will depend on component parts availability and any open slots in production that may become available. Please contact your account manager if you have a need of this type. We will keep you updated with changes as they occur. Thanks for your continued efforts!