Century Refrigeration EPIC & BLU Lead Times Update


2022 continues to be strong year for Century Refrigeration. So far, this year has thrown several obstacles at our industry, and with your support we are working to overcome them. Our collective success relies heavily on the collaboration and team work from our factory and our representatives; and your hard work and resolve has not gone unnoticed!

As orders continue to come in, the words that everyone is tired of hearing “Supply Chain” is once again wreaking havoc on our production efforts. The availability of fan motors is now heavily interfering with our team’s ability to meet deadlines. Due to this disruption, we would like to provide you with the following update on how it will affect equipment lead-times.

After carefully reviewing all options, effective immediately, Century Refrigeration is increasing lead-times on two of our equipment lines. The Epic Unit Coolers and BLU Condensing Units will experience a lead-time increase from the current 20 to 22 weeks to a temporary 40 week lead-time. In conjunction with this timeframe increase, we are carefully reviewing our other product lines and will send out updates if necessary.

Fortunately, this increase will be temporary, as our Purchasing team continues to inch closer to establishing reliable alternative solutions. Once we achieve a definitive solution, we will readjust this lead-time. As always, there may be some opportunity to get an order for a quantity of 1 or 2 standard units in a little earlier, but that will depend on component parts availability and any open slots in production that may become available. Please contact your account manager if you have a need of this type.

Century continues to remain committed on keeping you updated with substantial changes in the market as they occur. We thank you for your understanding and for your continued support through these unprecedented times!

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