Global Supply Chain Disruption


Over the past several months, lead times have extended to all-time highs. This has largely been driven by a significant increase in business as our market segments expanded to meet pent-up demand.  With labor in tight supply and disruptions in the supply chain, our company is experiencing challenges in both material and labor.
We would like to share our current status and some of our challenges:

  1. RAE Corporation has increased staffing by roughly 15% this year and plans to add an additional 2-5% in the coming weeks. We have been selective in our candidates and have been very pleased with their contributions.
  2. Additional machinery has been placed on order that will increase our production capacity and enhance our quality.
  3. Building expansion plans are underway which will add a significant increase in production space before the end of 2021.
  4. Our supply chain is disrupted and it is a daily effort to ensure we have the material on-site to complete projects on schedule.

As we navigate this unfamiliar territory, we strive to continue providing the service that sets us apart from the rest. Century Refrigeration is committed to being as transparent as possible, while also communicating much-needed market updates. We have attached a couple of vendor letters that explain the disruption of industry lead times in greater detail. The content within these letters has been the message received from virtually all vendors.

We regret the current state of the market and appreciate your understanding as we continue to work through these disruptions. For questions or clarification, please feel free to reach out to our sales team.

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