IIAR Meeting Follow-up


Century Refrigeration appreciates all of you for meeting with us at IIAR.  It was refreshing to see each of you in person, and we want to thank you for making this year’s show great!

The success of this year’s show can largely be contributed to two factors:

First, the impact of conducting live demonstrations using our Road Show setup.  Argos delivers value to every entity in the value chain by providing useful information to the Owner, Contractor, Representative and Factory.  Please take advantage of the Road Show and coordinate a summer plan with Wesley that gets this around the country.  The work that each of you put in to gather an audience for the Argos demonstrations was greatly appreciated.

Second, the mutual collaboration that took place at our Century Representative meeting. Your feedback is invaluable to us (the good, the bad and the ugly) and we will capitalize on all of it.

At Century, we understand that improvement must never pause and your continued feedback will make us better. Our team found this meeting productive and are working to ensure that communication flow to/from the factory/representative is streamlined.

We have included summary notes from our meeting along with an abbreviated version of the PowerPoint (The contents are confidential, do not share outside your office).  If you feel that we missed a topic or would like to add an area of concern, please reach out and let us know.

As always, we truly appreciate everything that you do, and look forward to having a great year!

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