PC Chillers
Product Details
  • Fully Assembled Unit Including Refrigerant Charge and Oil
  • Direct Drive Condenser Fans
  • Insulated Suction Line
  • ETL Unit Certification and UL 508 Electrical Panel
  • High Pressure Safety
  • Low Pressure Operating Control
  • Oil Failure Switch on Each Compressor (Except Scroll Compressor)
  • Freeze/Low Charge Control with Time Delay
  • Crankcase Heater
  • Liquid Line Shut off Valve with Charging Port
  • Sealed Core Liquid Line Drier & Sight Glass
  • Liquid Line Solenoid Valve
  • “MOP” Type Thermostatic Expansion Valve (Scroll and Reciprocating Compressor)
  • Compressor and Fan Motor Contactors
  • Separate Sub-Cooling Circuit (For increased efficiency)
  • Compressor Overload Protection
  • Fan Motor Overload Protection
  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Electrical Panel
  • Return Water Temperature Control
  • Fused Control Circuit
  • Prewired Controls
  • Hinged Control Panel Access
  • Compressor Service Valves
  • Fan Staging Head Pressure Control +20°F
  • Run/Pumpdown Switch
  • Flow Switch for Field Installation
Product Overview

Century Product Chillers have been designed to give you flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Century Product Chillers are available in many forms whether it’s air cooled or water cooled with capacities up to 400 tons. We can even include a hydronics package providing you with a complete “plug and play” system. With our comprehensive chiller line, we have a “cool” solution to meet your specific application.

Product Literature