Price Increase, Effective December 1, 2021


As you are aware, the HVACR industry continues to see an increase in demand that is being challenged by the ongoing supply chain disruptions. As a result, and after careful consideration, Century will be implementing a price increase, effective immediately.

This increase is a direct result of industry conditions that impact raw materials, labor costs and freight.

Specifically, we are announcing a 4% price increase, across the board for all Century Refrigeration Products. The updated RAE Solutions link will be available on Tuesday of next week 12-7-21.

In the interim, you will need to add 4% to any of the quotations you generate the next few from the last RAE Solutions update of September 30th. We will protect project quotations from the September 30th pricing level for 30 days from their original quotation date. These must be entered and released orders to be accepted at that pricing level.

Any order entered or released after January 3, 2022, will be subject to the 4% price increase.

The supply chain issues continue to hinder both costs and lead times for our products. We have internal teams working to evaluate alternate vendors for several items that are problematic and hope to have some positive progress in that regard.

The Century Team truly appreciates your support during these challenging times, and as always, we remain committed to our representatives and customers. For any questions regarding the update, please contact us.