Do you want the Good News or the Bad News first?

The Bad News: We found some minor bugs in our software after our last update.
The Good News: We fixed them.
The Bad News: You’ll need to update your RAE Solutions software again.
The Good News: You are the BEST reps around so we hope you will forgive us.

Thank you for updating your RAE Solutions program last month. And we apologize for the inconvenience of having to update again. However, to make sure you don’t have issues going forward, we need you to update your program again. At least one change was made just yesterday, so even if you think you already updated, please hit the button below and follow the steps.

In case you are curious, here are a few things that changed:
  • Defaults have been set to “No” for DOE equipment indication.
  • Added pricing for the BLU-L075M8A.
  • Corrected the transition from selection to pricing for A Series units that were added back into RAE Solutions.
  • Other minor bug fixes and corrections.