Set Point Change Log


You asked for it and we delivered! Our IT group has published an update to the Argos platform adding the setpoint change log feature that was requested in our Argos webinar.
The update includes the following:

  • A log of all setpoint changes made.
  • A timestamp of when the setpoint change was applied.
  • A filter that allows the user to sort the log by the following:
    • Which setpoint was changed
    • The values they were changed to
    • Which user made the change
    • When the change was applied

This feature also allows users to request setpoint changes and then watch the logs to make sure they are applied in real-time. The applied column will be blank for unapplied changes and will automatically be populated once the change has been applied; typically within 30 seconds.

This update is now live; you will need to refresh your browser to receive the update. If you run into any issues with the update, please let us know.

Your feedback made this happen, and we look forward to rising to the challenge of your future requests!

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